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Keith A. Smith (LA Adj. Lic. No. 470196)

Diminished Value Method, LLC was formed in 2010 by Adjuster Keith A. Smith due to an observation that diminished value claims in Louisiana were rarely being effectively pursued, and the methods being used by insurance companies to evaluate the losses were unfair and flawed. Since our inception, our goal has always been to offer quality diminished value appraisals in a timely manner at an affordable price. By focusing on the Louisiana market and utilizing professionalism combined with standardized appraisal principals, we have developed a method that is widely accepted by insurance professionals and Louisiana courts.

Appraiser Background:

Keith’s passion for valuing vehicles began in his teens. His dad was a race car driver, but his mom wouldn’t allow him to follow that path, so Keith’s dad began a career flipping cars. At 13, Keith could tell his dad the value of a vehicle as it was driven to the auction block. Keith helped his dad rebuild and modify a long list of rare and impressive vehicles, but he was a defiant youth and became a competitive Los Angeles street racer during his late high school and early college days.

Keith began studying property valuation in college and passed the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers Examination 1A1.  He has a 1988 B.A. degree in insurance from Morehouse College, and over 21 years of experience handling insurance claims. Keith started as an auto claims adjuster in 1995 working for USAgencies and moved up to the title of Litigation Specialist. This position required him to plan litigation strategies and direct the actions of insurance defense attorneys. Keith is a licensed Louisiana Adjuster (LA Adj. Lic. No. 470196). He is also an IACP Certified Auto Appraiser, member of The Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers and member of The American Society of Certified Auto Appraisers. You can view his current appraiser license status at this link or download his curriculum vitae at the following link. He is known by local Used Car Managers and Body Shop professionals as “Mr. Diminished Value.” Before becoming an appraiser that handles diminished value only, he worked for the following insurance companies:

  • Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 – Adjuster for Trinity Insurance Services, Inc., Mandeville, LA
  • Aug 2004 to Jul 2007 – Adjuster for Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA
  • Nov 2002 to Aug 2004 – Adjuster for AIG Claim Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA
  • Mar 2001 to Apr 2002 – Adjuster for Cunningham Lindsey U.S., Inc., Metairie, LA
  • Nov 1996 to Jan 2000 – Automobile Liability Litigation Specialist for USAgencies Casualty Insurance Company, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA
  • Mar 1992 to Nov 1996 – Adjuster for Risk Management, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA

Keith has prepared thousands of automobile appraisals and has extensive knowledge of diminution in value claims nationwide.  He is respected in the industry and works for plaintiffs AND insurance companies alike. He has the experience to consider the specific details of your case, and to adequately evaluate your loss.

At the current time we are handling appraisals in the state of Louisiana and Mississippi. Our territory is expanding so feel free to call.

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