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Diminished Value Training for Law Professionals

We are excited to provide attorneys a free instructional training program covering the following subject matter:

  • Introduction To Diminished Value
  • Total Loss Vs Diminished Value
  • How To Analyze a Repair Estimate
  • How Is Diminished Value Computed
  • Mabry Vs State Farm and The 17C Formula
  • Appraisal Reports – What to Look For

Dear Counsel,

Welcome to our website! We hope that you find it to be informative. Our company was formed by an insurance adjuster with over 21 years experience that noticed the vast majority of attorneys defer handling of property damage to their clients which is a costly oversight.

Most insurance company adjusters are skilled at paying little or nothing towards a Diminished Value claim, and few claimants are equipped to deal with them.  Over recent years, Diminished Value claims have become more prevalent due to vehicle history reports, but few ever pursue it.

A few of the attorneys we speak with are fully aware of diminished value claims and pursue them, but there are still many that are unaware or not concerned with the potential compensation they are missing out on. Don’t short change your clients in the future! Never let your client sign a property damage release until their vehicle’s diminished value has been addressed. As you are probably aware, many insurance companies do not require signing of a release when paying the property damage, so you can often still settle the diminished value after the repairs have been paid.

For only $220 we will provide a detailed market analysis based on opinions from local used car managers for the specific vehicle. If you have any hesitance due to our fees, then consider the increased compensation your clients may receive as a result of having a professionally formatted and detailed analysis of diminished value from a licensed third party diminished value appraiser. We provide a feasibility review in advance to determine if a claim is worth pursuing.

Make sure that your client is properly compensated for their property damage. Give us a call at (888) 996-1970 and order a Diminished Value appraisal today!

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