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What Can a Diminished Value Appraiser Do For a Body Shop?

Welcome to our website! We hope that you find it to be informative. Diminished Value Method, LLC was formed by an insurance adjuster with over 21 years of experience that decided to become a diminished value appraiser after noticing that very few people pursued diminished value claims.

We provide a valuable service that you can refer to your customers that can put a significant amount of money in their pockets.  Imagine how grateful your customers will be if you show them how to get money they probably didn’t even know they were due.  They might be able to use the money to apply to their deductible or possibly for additional repairs at your shop.

We primarily focus on inherent diminished value and not repair-related so we rarely need to inspect and comment on your work. As you’re probably aware, most insurance company adjusters are skilled at paying little or nothing on diminished value, and few vehicle owners are equipped to deal with them.  Over recent years, diminished value claims have become more prevalent due to vehicle history reports, but few claimants ever pursue it.  The reason is they usually don’t know how.

In Louisiana, the burden of proof is on the vehicle owner to prove their claim.  Most insurance companies use this fact against the owner.  They often demand an unbiased third party diminished value appraisal by a licensed insurance adjuster.  Most vehicle owners then give up once they find out how difficult and expensive it is to comply.

By specializing in Diminished Value appraisals only, we’ve developed a method to provide a very affordable remedy for your customers.  For only $220, we provide a reliable industry accepted evaluation of the decrease in value that can be submitted to the adverse adjuster to document the amount their vehicle has devalued.

Since our report is provided by a licensed adjuster with many years of experience in the field that knows all the strategies that can be used against the customer, we can discuss the claim with the customer and reveal to them how to effectively pursue their claim.

Please feel free to give us a call at (888) 996-1970.  We can provide you with marketing material that you can give to your customers, and they’ll love you for it.

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